Invitation to Wikisoft Pre-IPO

Invitation to Wikisoft Pre-IPODearYou are invited to buy shares with discount in the WikiSoft Pre-IPO.Wikisoft Corp is launching the worlds largest wiki portal for business profiles and investors have taken notice. Built on MediaWiki software, the new portal, called WikiProfile, will be the largest in the wiki universe with over 328 million published articles and profiles on companies, top brands, and corporate influencers. Wikisoft Corp. is preparing its public listing on the OTC Stock Market in the U.S, ultimo march 2019 as the first WIKI company in the World.The shares will be offered at $0.65 USD per share including discount on a first-come, first-serve basisThe closing date for reserving shares is January 28, 2019You can make order of shares on the share reservation form or by sending an email to investor@wikisoft.comWikiSoft Share ReservationWikiSoft Corp,
315 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94104 USA
www.wikisoft.comUnsubscribe here If you want to stop further co…

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