Invitation to Google Analytics users. Last chance to order shares in Fastbase Inc. with discount.


Invitation to try WebLeads 6.0 for Google Analytics.


Invitation to Google Analytics users.

Sign in with Google Analytics and try WebLeads 6.0 for free in December.

WebLeads 6.0 provides even more detailed information about your web visitors including company name, website, key employees, phone number, contact email and visitor interaction - everything you need to boost your sales and marketing. Easy export of your leads into Excel or your CRM platform.



Invitation to order shares with discount in WebLeads 6.0 powered by Fastbase Inc.

Since your company is a Google Analytics user you have the opportunity to purchase up to 10,000 shares at US$ 4.34 per share including a discount on a first come first serve basis.

Fastbase, one of the world's fastest-growing SaaS web analytics and lead generation tools built on Google Analytics is listed on the OTC Stock Market in New York. (OTC:FBSE).

Fastbase News and stock quote.

Data analytics is key to the success of Fastbase - extending the power of marketing into digital sales. Matching analytical data from Google search with data from Fastbase's proprietary database provides Google Analytics users with "cultivated data".

Since the summer Fastbase shares have seen phenomenal growth and possibly this has influenced several investor sites to give a twelve-month forecast of over $40. The overall strategic objective is a potential listing on the NASDAQ in 2021.

You can make the reservation of shares to or use the investor form.



Sign up with Google Analytics and try the new WebLeads 6.0



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