Do you want this new job?

Hi Friend 

I know you have been looking for a side hustle online to get some extra income coming in. 

That is why I have taken the liberty of adding you as an applicant already for this online live chat assistant job. (I hope that is ok)

From what you have told us so far, you are a perfect fit for this job. 

Basically these businesses need to hire people like you, to chat with their customers on their website live chat and on social media live chat like Facebook Messenger. 

You will be answering basic questions about products and services (like pricing and features) and also some customer support. 

Complete training is provided and the starting hourly rate of pay is $25 for people from  

With the potential to increase fairly quickly with a bit more training and experience. 

These positions are filling quickly so if you are interested click below to get started. 

Hit this link to confirm your application and know more about this job:

All the best.



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