NFT and a $20,000 prize for you?

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The Tiger Cub Club Is Giving Away Up To $20,000

The Tiger Team have decided that who ever mints 2 of their rarest NFTs will receive cash prizes once they have sold out of the public sale.
These Tigers are completely unique and 1 of a kind which makes them even more special. There are no other Tiger Cub NFTs that look remotely like them. They will be available to mint in either the pre or public sales and will be randomly assigned to the lucky minter.

The 2 Tigers Cub prizes for each are as follows:
Screaming Tiger = $12,000
Tiger Snoop = $8,000

If you mint either of these during the sale you will receive the cash price for the one you minted AFTER we have 100% sold out.
The more NFTs you mint, the greater your chances of winning are and also the more $JUNGLE tokens you earn.
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The Tiger Cub Club is not just another PFP project but a project that rewards it's members for holding tokens, are creating a real business that will develop NFT technology and offer a lot of utility and community benefits including a DAO. Find out more info on the Discord and sign up to win NFTs in the giveaway contests.

There is also an amazing chance to win a FREE TIGER CUB NFT 

More info on their Discord channel here

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